Esther Hooley

Esther Hooley

Primary Therapist

Esther has been a therapist for over a decade and is currently a Licensed Psychologist in Texas. She completed her doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology at Andrews University and completed her doctoral internship at Baylor University Counseling Center. For years, Esther considered herself a generalist, working with any issue that showed up in the counseling space. More recently, she has developed a passion for working with sexual concerns, eating disorders, trauma, and spiritual concerns.

Esther has a personal and professional investment in social issues and is intentional about promoting hope and justice in the clinical work that she does. She approaches therapy taking into account each person’s intersecting identities and then tailors treatment to allow the whole self to be present and honored.

Esther draws from multiple modalities (CBT, DBT, relational, interpersonal, narrative) while working with clients. Her approach involves identifying and disentangling long-standing patterns of feeling, acting, and thinking that keeps a person’s distress in place and are typically the product of relational wounds. Esther’s goal is to help clients examine and challenge these patterns and to identify new ways of being that provide clients the ability to authentically connect with and belong intrapersonally and interpersonally. Her work is collaborative and creates emotional safety where each client can engage in vulnerability, increased insight and take practical steps to heal.

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