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Within’s treatment delivers incredible results for everyone.

The Within program blends clinical excellence with modern technology in a unique way, advancing the field of eating disorder treatment. We value human connection—our patients form lasting bonds with their care team which translates to healing and healthier living.

Our results speak for themselves, extraordinary outcomes for our patients and their families.

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We’ve treated patients as young as 13 and as old as 70

Age is just a number. Eating disorders can affect anyone from all walks of life. Whether you’re a retired senior, or just starting middle school, we cater to your needs and ensure you’re given the tools and support you need for a successful and effective recovery.

We are able to provide specialized groups to support your recovery

Eating disorders don’t affect just one type of person. We have the unique ability to offer online eating disorder support groups specifically for students, men, mothers, the elderly, BIPOC+, LGBTQ+, and others. Receiving peer support and encouragement from those from similar backgrounds, with similar ideals, and who understand you are important as you embark on your journey.

Our patients benefit from up to 10x more hours of care

Your Within Care Team will spend more hours with you each week compared to other virtual eating disorder treatment programs. This means more support, more education, stronger relationships, and better outcomes.

Hear what our patients
have to say

"The meal delivery was a life saver at the beginning of treatment. It makes the transition into treatment that much easier."
Markus R.
Within Health alumni
"I think that Within really does a great job overall. The opportunity to do my eating disorder treatment at home was a game changer. I would have never done residential treatment."
Jennifer T.
Within Health alumni
"We have built friendships, so it's amazing that we can continue those friendships with people we have trusted with our deepest issues."
Dylan P.
Content creator
"After seven medical stabilization hospitalizations and six failed treatment programs, I came to Within Health. Within Health was the best treatment program I have ever done and is what led me to break the treatment cycle and into a lasting recovery."
Elizabeth G.
Within Health alumni
"In addition to the individualized attention I received on a daily basis, Within Health also integrated perfectly into my real life. I was able to schedule programming, receive support around working a full-time job, and re-integrate myself into society. No other program has done that for me, and I think that is what makes Within truly unique."
Isla K.
Veterinary nurse
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of our patients have recently undergone extensive treatment

Most of our patients have tried multiple other treatment programs, but with minimal success. Within is different. Offering treatment in your usual environment—where everyday life happens, where your schedule is regular, and you’re surrounded by familiar people—gives you a better chance of success.

of those who complete our treatment program report reduced eating disorder symptoms

Receiving treatment and therapy in a remote setting is easily accessible and more convenient than traditional in-person programs, which can be a more encouraging and effective eating disorder treatment environment.

Average eating disorder symptoms decrease by 43% from admission to discharge, compared to 35% at an in-person treatment program. This is thanks to a combination of therapy, group sessions, meal delivery, education, and family involvement in the program.

report reduced symptoms of depression*

Major depressive disorder occurs in 50-75% of those suffering from eating disorders so it’s important to address this mental illness simultaneously. Depression is treated as part of the Within program via different modes of therapy and additional support.

Through regular therapy sessions, the majority of our patients report reduced symptoms of depression after completing their program. This is true for all age groups, from teens to seniors.

have reduced anxiety*

The majority of patients with eating disorders also suffer from co-occurring mental illnesses, such as anxiety. In fact, eating disorders are often referred to as stress and anxiety disorders. Your Within team will address your anxiety and work with you to reduce these symptoms.

Your Within Health program includes both individual and group therapy sessions to help to address underlying issues that may be contributing to anxiety symptoms. We work through any mental and physical challenges which may be causing your anxiety or worsening your eating disorder symptoms.

have an improved quality of life*

Eating disorders negatively impact your quality of life, whether it affects your personal relationships or causes issues at work. After completing the Within program, 86% of our patients reported an improved quality of life, including in their financial, work/school, and physical aspects.

Average quality of life improves by 38% from admission to discharge compared to between 20-30% at in-person treatment programs.

Therapy sessions, group support, meal delivery, and access to registered dietitians and food specialists all contribute to improving our patients’ quality of lives. Even upon completion of our program, ongoing support via our alumni program can also help to improve quality of life, through regular group sessions and optional therapy.

report improvement in intuitive eating*

Intuitive eating is an important part of the Within program and recovering from an eating disorder. This approach helps you listen to your body and learn how to eat what is right for you. Intuitive eating connects you with your internal wisdom to guide not only your intake but to increase your trust in yourself through the process of recognizing and responding to your body and mind’s needs.

We provide meal delivery throughout your time in the Within Health program to help you build mastery around food. You also have the support of registered dietitians and food specialists who will help you build a foundation for mindful and intuitive eating, to allow this skill to become second nature and to support your enduring recovery.

*After completion of treatment

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