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Eating disorders among children are serious health concerns and should be addressed immediately. If left untreated, eating disorders in children can lead to long-term health issues and can also be life-threatening. 

Although statistics show that female kids and young adults are more likely to have some kind of eating disorder, males are also susceptible. In some cases, children as young as five years old show signs of disordered eating. 

Some reasons children can develop eating disorders include genetic predispositions, societal pressures, and weight stigma. Children and young adults are more prone to pressures from their friends, social media, and other sociocultural influences, so it’s crucial that they have the right support system around them. 

As a parent or guardian, it’s up to you to create a safe and structured environment for your child to heal—be there for them and educate yourself so you know how to best support and help them. 

Learn how eating disorders can affect children and what signs and symptoms to look out for. Understand what may cause these disorders in the younger population and how to help them.

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