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Eating disorders affect transgender individuals just like they affect their cisgender peers, and sometimes they may be more susceptible than others. Since those in the transgender community are already exposed to discrimination which can lead to body image issues, it can be difficult for them to talk about their disordered eating behaviors. 

In addition to being discriminated against from their peers, transgender people may also face discrimination from healthcare providers, creating a barrier to receiving much-needed treatment. This is an important issue, since many transgender people who have an eating disorder also struggle other mental health conditions, such as depression. 

It’s crucial to show understanding and empathy if you know a transgender person who struggles with disordered eating, since they may have unique experiences and needs. 

Learn how eating disorders affect transgender people, the importance of getting help, and what treatment options are available.

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18 tips for being an ally to your queer or trans loved one with an eating disorder

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