Within Summit 2023 author round-up

Looking to deepen your wisdom from the Within Summit? Speakers from this year and last year’s Summit share their books, and key messages from their work. See below for our list of recommended reading!

Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt

Through her work as an author, Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt has been offering wisdom on the importance of rejecting diet culture for close to two-decades. Her book is an essential read for anyone looking to continue their education on this subject after this week’s summit.

"Intentional weight loss is the antithesis of eating disorder care…. We must help people feel that who they are in their bodies and their souls is lovable, acceptable, and worthy of dignity and respect."
- Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt

Allison Walsh

Drawing on expertise in positive psychology, the science of happiness, and Walsh’s own personal experiences, She Believed She Could provides frameworks and methodologies for anyone looking to create a life of abundance of fulfillment.

From sharing her story of recovery from bulimia and anorexia to providing readers with tips on true self-care, Walsh’s book is a must-have guide for those ready to heal and maximize their potential.

"I had this fire in my soul of not wanting anyone else to experience what I had, or to feel alone…I focus on helping the one person in the room who needs me, because…. I lived through this for a reason and I’m here to make change and help people."
- Allison Walsh

Dr. Luana Marques

In Bold Move, Dr. Luana Marques shares her 3-step path for breaking out of a rut and confronting issues with avoidance. Based on decades of research, teaching, and clinical experience with diverse populations, Dr. Marques’ book explains why avoidance is a force more powerful than many of us can handle—and how we can learn to lean into the discomfort of establishing boundaries and building toward dreams.

"Providers worry about things like anxiety, depression, and burnout. But while these things are painful, they usually aren’t the problem. The problem is how we react. Avoidance is the common denominator, and simplifying the narrative can help address the root of the issue."
- Dr. Marques

Kevin Hines

The Art of Being Broken is an incredible authentic story of surviving suicide that takes an unflinching look at the often non-linear path of recovery. With anecdotes from a diverse community of individuals whose lives have been impacted by Hines, and vice versa, this book provides practical steps on how to survive the unthinkable and keep going.

"I tell my story, because stories are 22 times more memorable than statistics or facts. When a storyteller shares their story of overcoming immeasurable pain and struggle, the listeners’ brains sync up with the storyteller and empathize with the situation in the story. They take that home, and [often] recognize that they too can overcome immeasurable struggle and pain."
- Kevin Hines

Dr. Eric Woods

In 2019, Dr. Eric Woods created the Comprehensive Collaborative Care Model at Texas Christian University (TCU) to address a college campus counseling system that was struggling to meet increased student demand. A New Narrative for College Mental Health highlights the steps Woods and colleagues took to help TCU be ranked the "#4 Best Student Support and Counseling Services" by the Princeton Review, and offers insights for other schools hoping to improve their services.

"If you talk about the mental health epidemic in America, where would you start? I would start with college students, because…we have access to these young people at a crucial moment in their lives, when a lot of [issues] emerge. We can help get them care during this pivotal time, and by offering resources to providers, expand their ability to offer care to the community as a whole."
- Dr. Eric Woods

Dr. Kate Truitt

Dr. Kate Truitt’s books detail both her personal experience addressing trauma after the devastating death of her fiancé, and her professional expertise in self-havening, a technique that utilizes mindful touch to empower trauma survivors. These books argue that the power to heal sometimes rests in your own hands, offering a unique solution to breaking down access barriers to care and support.

"Anybody can learn the self-havening protocols, which involve different kinds of gentle, soothing touch, and calm the parts of the brain tied to stress and autonomic nervous system dysregulation. Regularly using these techniques also proactively heals the brain from triggers and stress in the present. We can all heal ourselves, with the proper tools, knowledge, and information."
- Dr. Kate Truitt

Jason Wood (ANAD)

Jason Wood’s book offers a crucial perspective on what it’s like to struggle with disordered eating, in a world that often doesn’t recognize orthorexia or male eating disorders.

A vulnerable and sincere account of his journey, Starving for Survival, breaks stigmas and offers support for those struggling.

"My eating disorder and mental illness thrived in isolation. Once I started to speak up and share my story, I began to thrive."
- Jason Wood

Metta Sandiford-Artest

A candid account of his life from childhood to the courts of the NBA, No Malice tells the story of a man who was initially misunderstood by many, but used his platform to raise awareness about mental health.

This book is a crucial deep-dive into understanding the recent evolution of mental health stigmas, and the people and events that have helped break them down.

"Over the last 12-15 years in sports, things changed. When we first got [into] pro sports, it was still looked upon as a bad thing if someone was to say I need help — even media would laugh... I wanted to let people know it’s okay to be depressed or have anxiety... I wanted people to be able to relate."
- Metta Sandiford-Artest

Ross Szabo

Ross Szabo’s books seek to guide young people in understanding and addressing their mental health preventatively. From exploring what various mental health issues feel and look like, to helping young people identify and cope, these books are crucial reads for parents and kids alike.

"When we think about the youth mental health crisis, it’s also really important to think about what we’re doing as adults... We like to say that mental health is like physical health, and I completely agree, but we actually need to teach that, and we need to treat it that way."
- Ross Szabo

Melody Godfred

In 2015, Godfred had achieved everything she’d set out to in life, but something was missing—a connection to herself. She began to revive her lifelong passion of writing poetry, embarked on a journey of self-discovery, and found self-love along the way. Since then, she has inspired thousands of other women to do the same.

Her books are guides to getting to know yourself, and embracing the practice of self-love.

"Growing up, no one ever taught me what self-love was, and as I got older I realized…that despite what I had always been taught—that if I accomplish enough and achieve enough that I’ll be happy—that wasn’t quite the case... Self love is a daily commitment to honor your authentic self."
- Melody Godfred