Lacie Laurendine

Lacie Laurendine

Care Operations Specialist

Born right outside of New Orleans and currently residing in northern Colorado, Lacie graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Business Administration. She has always had a passion for looking inward and asking questions of the world around her, guiding her to find purpose working in mental health.

Lacie spent time as a volunteer advocate for the Sexual Trauma Awareness and Response Center of Baton Rouge and found her calling in helping victims and survivors, developing crisis management and social work skills. She later worked as an appointment coordinator for a counseling company and developed a reputation for staying on the phone with new clients to give them space to be heard.

Lacie also worked as an intake counselor for a local substance abuse treatment and mental health counseling center, attending Certified Addiction Technician classes to better serve clients. She fell in love with motivational interviewing and the compassionate, effective approach, and is passionate about trauma work, harm reduction, and fighting diet culture.

When not working, Lacie enjoys painting, reading, hiking, and is more often than not found spending time with her family, cat, and dog.

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