Effective treatment for eating disorders.
At home.

We embrace intuitive eating, body image restoration, radical self-love and acceptance, social and emotional therapy, self-esteem consolidation, trauma-informed healing, and family and group therapy to bring you virtual treatment that works.

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Hear what our patients
have to say

"I love that we have the opportunity to remain in touch with people that have supported each other through a very difficult time in their lives and continue to offer and receive ongoing support."
Monica H.
Nursing assistant
"The alumni group has been so helpful in my recovery. It’s a chance for me to share my challenges and successes and receive support in a safe space from week to week. I always know at least one person and I enjoy connecting with new peers to make my community grow."
Within Health alumni
"The Within program has helped me tremendously. I am in a much better place now than I was 6 months ago. I am now able to eat with more frequency and eat a less-restricted diet."
"I think that Within really does a great job overall. The opportunity to do my eating disorder treatment at home was a game changer. I would have never done residential treatment."
Jennifer T.
Within Health alumni
"My time at Within has allowed me to work towards my recovery without sacrificing the things that are important to me. I’m incredibly grateful to my care team for their support and understanding throughout the entire process."
Amara S.
Teaching assistant
"I have the tools, support, and awareness in order to sustain the work that I have been doing and hopefully to move closer to life without an eating disorder. Within helped me realize that everything is possible, that I am capable, and I deserve to practice self-compassion."
Michael R.
School counselor
"Within Health saved my life and allowed me the opportunity to be home with my child and learn skills while being in my own environment."
Aisha J.
Financial analyst
"Within Health went above and beyond for my recovery. They hold hope and they believe in me, even when I do not."
Nora A.
HR manager
"In addition to the individualized attention I received on a daily basis, Within Health also integrated perfectly into my real life. I was able to schedule programming, receive support around working a full-time job, and re-integrate myself into society. No other program has done that for me, and I think that is what makes Within truly unique."
Isla K.
Veterinary nurse
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Build lasting bonds with your care team

Your dedicated expert care team is chosen based on your specific needs, and includes a registered dietitian, nurse, food specialist, psychiatrist, and more. You'll receive personalized, comprehensive care and form strong, lasting relationships with your team.

We use proven, evidence-based techniques

A holistic approach for the best outcomes

The Within program uses proven techniques to help you heal from disordered eating. Using a combination of medicine, science, and compassion, we offer a holistic approach to treatment. Your program will also include education and support for your family members, who are crucial in your recovery journey.

The Within difference

Tried, true, and tested

We've been there—we've experienced the pain of eating disorders and the struggle to overcome them. Our clinical team of registered dietitians, nurses, therapists, and a host of others, have had years of experience in traditional eating disorder treatment settings. We’ve taken the best of what we know and improved the delivery, giving you the ease of receiving help from the comfort and convenience of your own home. 

Group support

It takes courage to enter treatment. You are not alone. When you're with us, you're being surrounded by those with shared life experiences, allowing you to build a foundation of mutual trust that makes all the difference. You'll be connected with others who have had similar experiences, are willing to share their own stories, and will support you on this lifelong journey. Lasting bonds mean lasting recovery.

Unique technology

You’ll have full access to a streamlined treatment experience with our industry-first app. We utilize the latest technology to allow you a “brick-and-mortar” experience from home. With our app and technology, you will be able to:

Attend individual and group sessions
Connect with your care team
Submit weights and vitals via a numberless scale provided to you
Receive meal support
Access check-ins and recovery-focused tools for use between sessions

Supported meals

Learn how to listen to your body so you can build a foundation for mindful and intuitive eating. Through our supported meals, we help you become reacquainted with your body’s hunger and fullness, and to respond appropriately to those cues.

Individualized meal plans
Pre and post-meal processing and support
Learn how to eat mindfully
Begin to eat intuitively

Meal delivery

When recovering from an eating disorder, we know that meal preparation can be a challenge (or a way for the eating disorder to creep in). We want to take care of your meals for you while in our program to take this burden off of you. Meal delivery can be a bridge to help you on your recovery journey. We also have cooking classes available for those who want more experience in the kitchen.

Meals delivered weekly to your home
Meet with a food specialist to help plan your menu
Individualized meal challenges
Participate in cooking classes

Family program

No one recovers from a life-threatening illness on their own. Having a supportive family by your side can be instrumental in recovery, especially when they are equipped with the tools to best support you. As part of our program, we offer family therapy sessions, family coaching calls, multi-family groups, and education for loved ones. Our goals with our family program include:

Addressing any familial issues that may have influenced the eating disorder
Coaching family members on how to support their loved one, while applying the skills they are learning in treatment
Providing support groups to families so they can learn from shared experiences

Hear what our patients
have to say

"My nurse was like my rock throughout my treatment. She was so encouraging and always on top of my medical care. As the struggles of treatment came and went, I knew she would always be there to check on me during the week."
Stephen G.
Within Health alumni
"My Care Partner was the glue holding everything together. She connected the dots between my other caregivers. It was nice to review my assignments with her or process something that happened during the week."
"Within has given me the tools I need to stay afloat outside of treatment. From day one, my team has supported me in so many ways. From somatic exercises to art therapy and even movement groups. I am lucky to have gotten the support I needed to be where I am today."
Mika Y.
"My time at Within has allowed me to work towards my recovery without sacrificing the things that are important to me. I’m incredibly grateful to my care team for their support and understanding throughout the entire process."
Amara S.
Teaching assistant
"Within Health went above and beyond for my recovery. They hold hope and they believe in me, even when I do not."
Nora A.
HR manager
"My team was composed of the strongest women I know, they never judged or gave up on me, they pushed me to get better with love and compassion."
Jamie C.
Social worker
"My clinical lead fought endlessly to help me remain in the program during moments that we weren't sure I would be able to continue. I will be forever grateful for this program."
Within Health Alumni
"The individualized attention and treatment plan make Within Health stand out from every other place I've been. From three individual therapy sessions a week to weekly dietitian sessions, nursing sessions, and care partner sessions, I was able to make some headway into my own personal issues with my eating disorder and really work on my personal recovery."
Sociology student
"My dietitian was always there for me. When I started the program, I was anxious and uncomfortable, but my dietitian made sure my comfort was always the first priority. I probably would have quit programming at the start if not for him."
Within Health alumni
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Help us understand your needs so we can support you

If you’re unsure if you need help, or don't know what kind of support you might need, complete our self-assessment. We’ll let you know the next steps, and be honest about whether you should take action.

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