Together we can help stop the
discovery of pro-eating disorder
content on social media.
Here's how:

*This number represents the view count of videos that are not currently blocked but would be if TikTok adopted the current state of this community-sourced block list.

Together we can help TikTok prevent exposing its users to harmful pro-ed content on its platform. In collaboration with users like you, our team at Within Health is crowdsourcing the creation of the world's most extensive, community-sourced block list of dangerous, eating disorder-related keywords.

How will this help solve the problem?

Within various social media applications, block lists prevent users from discovering unsafe, prohibited, defamatory, or derogatory content. Block lists are often the first line of defense in helping to keep social platforms safe for users.

How does our block list work?

Using AI, our model estimates the likelihood that a keyword or phrase is closely related to a collection of identified pro-eating disorder keywords. If your submission qualifies, it will be added to our queue of keywords to be human-reviewed.

If your keyword submission does not automatically qualify, please submit an explanation of why it is relevant. Our team reviews all recommendations, and all keywords with clear reasoning will be added to our final list and sent to the team at TikTok.

What impact will this have?

Please review our About section for more information on how this tool and your contributions will help solve this problem and keep people safer. You will learn more about our plans for the utility and reasoning there as well.