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12+ Insights into Your DNA

Like these...

Blood Sugar
Weight Gain
Protein Intake
Dairy Sensitivity
Gluten Sensitivity

...and so many more!

Best Foods For You

Based on Insights into your DNA

Foods for Elevated Blood Sugar

Greek Yogurt

...foods for every insight!

Nutritionist Sessions

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How It Works


Spit in a tube. Mail it back.

* 23andMe DNA Kit required

DNA Analysis

Research from leading institutions.

* PubMed & other science databases.


Insights + Best Foods

* Dynamically added insights & foods.

Why Nutrition powered by your DNA?

Your body is programmed to have strengths and weaknesses. Intuitively you know this, but discovering them takes trial and error. We figured out a way to help you find the keys to living vibrantly, without wasting precious time and energy.

What We Stand For

We believe in learning, experimenting and adapting to what’s within ourselves.

Our Story

It started with a problem that those struggling with their health know very well. I was working in a cubicle for 70 hours per work. My weight was soaring and my energy was falling off a cliff. No matter what exercises I did, nothing changed. A friend suggested, it might just be something in my DNA. I tried everything else, so I figured why not look at my DNA. So I ordered a DNA kit. A month later I had results - but they were non-actionable.

I was 99% Indian. Wait, that doesn’t help me. What about my weight and energy? I became interested in learning how to read raw genetic code and associated research. Eureka! My first actionable insights - I had Elevated Blood Sugar and a Sweet Tooth. I was eating the wrong foods at the wrong times. After learning many more insights and experimenting with different foods on my body, I ended up losing 15 pounds and having a renewed zest for life. It was time to help others. Within was born.

- Nus, Co-Founder

Who We Are

As a team, we have improved our own lives through knowledge, self-experimentation, and mindfulness. We're excited to help you do the same!

Our Inspiration: Member Stories


"This is right to the point, no beating around the bush. As soon as you send the first thing, I’m now impressed.”

Lyft Driver

"With your advice, I have changed my lifestyle for the better - I've lost 11 lbs and I have more energy."

Marathon Runner

"One thing that stuck with me was ‘elevated blood sugar’ because I’m a sweet tooth. Every time I thought about eating a cookie this helped me resist.”

Privacy and Security

Privacy is important to us.

We will not sell, rent or give your DNA data to anyone, ever!

Your data is safe.

We use the best HIPAA compliance and secure storage providers

Our Pledge

For every new Within membership, we donate 15 meals to the Greater Boston Food Bank.

What Are You Waiting For!?

*23andMe DNA Kit required